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Pool & Spa Excavations

All Weather Mini Diggers

We specialise in TIGHT ACCESS pool excavation sites. All Weather Mini Diggers only needs 750mm for Micro Excavator, 1100mm for Mini Loader, or 990mm gap with 2.0 Tonne Excavator to gain access to your site.

We have teamed up with a few pool companies to dig their tight access pool and spa jobs.

Our combo machines work well together - one can just dig the pool and one can scoop the dirt up and take it away or load it in a bin straight away. This can be faster then stockpiling the dirt and then moving it on later.

Normally companies would use a 7 to 15 Tonne machine to dig a pool. But when a pool dig has tight access we are your answer. We charge less per day as a larger machine so cost for excavation is around the same. We can also be more accurate and dig tighter and more square corners with our buckets.

All Weather Mini Diggers can certainly do it all!!

pool of the year.jpg

We dug the pool of the year for 2020
See images and video below of pool dig!

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