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All Weather Mini Diggers

1) How much do you cost?

Depending on the scopes of work we have a min charge (4hrs on site excavator/2hrs mini Loader/Dumper). Our rates are quite reasonable compared to industry standards.

2) How deep can you drill holes?

Under good conditions we can dig down to 4.2 meters. 

3) What size holes can you dig?

With our wide range of augers we can drill holes up to 600mm round.

4) Can you remove dirt & fill?

Yes we can if a bin is supplied on site. We can organise this for you as well. This can be the same or cheaper then getting a tip truck in.

5) What size are your machines?

Our 2.0T Excavator and Mini Tracked Loader/Dumper only require a meter to gain access to your site/property. For tighter jobs we have a 1.2T micro excavator that only requires 750mm gap.

6) Can you get past my carport?

Yes we can. Most carports are 2.2 to 2.6 meters high. We can remove our canopy and drive straight through - easy!

7) Why not use you and hire our own machine?

We are better than you hiring a machine for the day eg.……cost is $300 for a days hire and your cost for your time operating the machine is say $75 per hour x 8 hours = $600.00. Total cost is $900.00.

We will do the job in half the time aprox. 4hrs.  Also while we are digging you’re sill working and earning your own money. And the job will be done to professional standards and will leave your site clean and tidy.

8) Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, refer to our list of guarantees.

9) Can you dig trenches for electrical and gas?

Yes we have buckets from 200mm wide to 450mm wide. We also have a chain trencher on our loader.

10) How deep can you dig with your buckets?

We can dig down to 2.5 meters deep.

11) Can you dig through rock?

Depending on the kind of rock, depends on how we will tackle the job to get through it the best we can.

12) Will your machines damage our paths or driveways?

No, our machines have rubber tracks/tyres. Our machines may leave rubber marks on concrete but no damage to pavers or hard surfaces. Having rubber tracks allows us to work in poor conditions were most machines would get bogged.

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