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During the COVID-19 pandemic we are taking additional steps to make sure everyone can stay healthy and safe when commencing your works. 

The Tight Access Specialist

(Formally S Gillam Diggers)

Here’s how to save money and time on all your excavation, earthmoving and digging jobs!

All Weather Mini Diggers have over 15 years of professional experience in dealing with the challenges of tight access excavation works.

In an industry where reputation is everything Steven Gillam has gained an enviable reputation for “getting the job done with no fuss”.

All Weather Mini Diggers has all weather condition machines equipped with a full range of buckets, grabs, trenchers and hole drilling augers. Our compact machines are set up to cope with restricted narrow & height challenges for your excavation jobs.

All Weather Mini Diggers has the only multi-level guarantee in the excavation industry for you and your clients piece of mind. 

All Weather Mini Diggers - Your Total Solution Provider

For Tight Access and all Weather Excavations

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